Regulatory Committee

Open Minutes


Meeting Date:

Tuesday 29 May 2018


3.07pm – 3.28pm


Council Chambers
Hawke's Bay Regional Council
159 Dalton Street




Mayor Dalton, Councillor Jeffery (In the Chair), Councillors Boag, Brosnan, Dallimore, Hague, McGrath, Price, Tapine, Taylor, White, and Wise

In Attendance

Chief Executive, Director Corporate Services, Director Community Services, Director Infrastructure Services, Director City Services, Director City Strategy, Manager Communications and Marketing, Manager Regulatory Solutions, Policy Planner, Strategic Planning Lead


Governance Team


Regulatory Committee - 29 May 2018 - Open Minutes



Councillors Jeffery/ Brosnan

That the apology from Councillor Wright be accepted.



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Councillors Taylor / Hague

That the Minutes of the meeting held on 22 November 2017 were taken as a true and accurate record of the meeting.



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Regulatory Committee - 29 May 2018 - Open Minutes

Agenda Items


1.    Napier City Black Friday Fiesta

Type of Report:


Legal Reference:

Local Government Act 2002

Document ID:


Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Fleur Lincoln, Strategic Planning Lead

Andy Long, Project Planning Facilitator


1.1   Purpose of Report

To obtain a Council resolution to allow food trucks and other mobile food operators to operate within Market and Emerson Street at the upcoming Napier City Black Friday Fiesta to be held on the 13th July 2018 in accordance with the Trading in Public Places Bylaw 2014.


At the Meeting

In response to questions from councillors it was advised that the fiesta is a part of Napier business Inc.’s recent work looking at ways to engage people in the city centre after work and to enliven the CBD area. This focus on creating night life is in line with Council’s city vision. It was noted that the alignment with the Art Deco winter festival weekend was a good outcome, whether intended or not.


Committee's recommendation

The Regulatory Committee:

a.     Resolve to allow mobile trading (food and drink) within the public spaces of Market and Emerson Streets on the 13th July 2018 as part of the Black Friday Fiesta event to be held by Napier City Business Inc.




2.    Street Naming-240 and 250 Guppy Road Taradale

Type of Report:


Legal Reference:


Document ID:


Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Paul O'Shaughnessy, Team Leader Resource Consents


2.1   Purpose of Report

The purpose of this report is to obtain Councils approval for two new street names within two recently approved residential subdivisions at 240 and 250 Guppy Road Taradale.


At the Meeting

There was no discussion on this item.


Committee's recommendation

Councillors Taylor / Brosnan

The Regulatory Committee:

a.     Approve two new street names within the subdivisions at 240 and 250 Guppy Road as follows:


Road 1 - Young Place (240 Guppy Road)


Road 2 - Chue Place (250 Guppy Road)


Subject to confirmation from the Māori Consultative Committee.




3.    Parking controls

Type of Report:

Legal and Operational

Legal Reference:

Traffic Regulations/ Parking Control Bylaws 2014

Document ID:


Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Hayleigh Brereton, Manager Regulatory Solutions  


3.1   Purpose of Report

To seek Council approval to revoke parking time restrictions in the Napier CBD so as to allow all day parking in a number of streets and to add additional pay and display areas in Vautier Street and Marine parade (between Albion and Vautier Street) to ensure consistency with surrounding parking provision.


At the Meeting

In response to questions from councillors it was clarified that:

·         There are at least 100 additional public all day car parks in the city centre, some of which are free and some paid.

·         It was recognised that the central medical centres did not have enough parking of their own and changes in Wellesley and Munroe Streets may have an impact on parking options. Parking in Munroe will be P120 spaces , encouraging turnover and helping with parking for those attending the medical centre. This will be closely monitored.

·         The Strategy had been developed based on objective data and it was important that parking be addressed on a big picture level. Once the Strategy has been approved by Council, officers will meet with stakeholders and retailers in town, ensuring they are able to see the options, availability, assess the impacts for them and ask any questions.

·         The implementation and implications from the Strategy will be closely monitored and there will be the opportunity to make adjustments if these are identified as necessary. For example, Councillors noted that there may be more pressure on all-day parking once the gravel pit is closed on Munroe Street. Feedback will come via the operational team who see behaviours and pressure points on a daily basis, as well as the formal annual parking survey.

·         Opportunities for further leased car parking for workers in the CBD continue to be looked at. It was noted that it was expected that vehicle options and parking practices would change considerably over the next few years and flexibility was important in the solutions sought.

It was remarked that accompanying the Parking Strategy with encouragement to use alternative modes of transport, instigate safe cycleways and provide for bicycle parking would be a good approach.




Committee's recommendation

The Regulatory Committee:

a.     Resolve that the P120 time restrictions be revoked at the following locations;

i.      Tiffen East Carpark

ii.     Emerson Street between Clive Square East and Clive Square West

iii.    Wellesley Road between Raffles and Latham Street

iv.    Wellesley Road between Kennedy Road and 45 Wellesley Road on the nor-western side of the road only

v.     Munroe Street between Dickens and Station Street on the western side only.

vi.    Station Street between Tennyson Street and the Station Street roundabout.

vii.   Bower Street between Edwardes and 41 Bower Street on the eastern side only.

viii.   Marine Parade between Albion Street and Vautier Street

ix.    Vautier Street between Marine Parade and Munroe Street

b.     Resolve that a parking fee apply at $1.00 per hour for the following locations;

i.      Vautier Street

ii.     Marine Parade between Albion Street and Vautier Street.



 The meeting closed at 3.28pm



Approved and adopted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.



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