Regulatory Committee

Open Minutes


Meeting Date:

Tuesday 30 April 2019


3.00pm - 3.11pm


Council Chamber
Hawke's Bay Regional Council
159 Dalton Street




Councillor Taylor (In the Chair), Acting Mayor White, Councillors Boag, Brosnan, Dallimore, Hague, Jeffery, McGrath, Price, Tapine and Wright

In Attendance

Chief Executive, Director Corporate Services, Director Community Services, Director Infrastructure Services, Director City Strategy, Manager Communications and Marketing, Manager Building Consents, Manager Regulatory Solutions/ Business Excellence & Transformation


Governance Team


Regulatory Committee - 30 April 2019 - Open Minutes



Acting Mayor White / Councillor Brosnan

That the apologies from Mayor Dalton and Councillor Wise be accepted.

Conflicts of interest

Councillor Jeffery declared an interest in agenda item 1 and in order to manage this interest requested his Deputy to act as presiding member for the meeting and did not participate in the vote. 

Councillor Wright declared an interest in agenda item 2 as the family in question are personal family friends. It was not considered that this interest required active management in this meeting.

Announcements by the Acting Mayor

The Acting Mayor noted that she has spoken to the Headmaster of Puketapu School to offer Council’s support to the local community following the tragic accident over the weekend, and advised that a “Give a little” page will be created shortly for the family by the school.

Announcements by the Chairperson


Announcements by the management

The Chief Executive advised that Rachael Horton has been appointed the new Manager Regulatory Solutions and will be transferring from her current role of Manager Business Excellence and Transformation.

Confirmation of minutes

Councillors Boag / Wright

That the Minutes of the meeting held on 19 February 2019 were taken as a true and accurate record of the meeting.




Regulatory Committee - 30 April 2019 - Open Minutes

Agenda Items


1.    Earthquake-Prone Buildings - Identification of Priority Buildings - Consultation

Type of Report:


Legal Reference:

Building Act 2004

Document ID:


Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Malcolm Smith, Manager Building Consents


1.1   Purpose of Report

To advise Council of the requirements under the Building Act 2004 in relation to the identification of priority buildings under the earthquake-prone building legislation, and to seek approval to release the draft Statement of Proposal for public submissions prior to adoption by Council.


At the Meeting

The Manager Building Consents gave a broad overview noting that Council is meeting legislative requirements to consult on this matter. Council officers have initially identified priority areas of risk, and the draft Statement of Proposal has been prepared for public consultation to ensure that all priority areas have been included.

In response to questions from Councillors the following points were clarified:

·         Maraenui and Greenmeadows are not identified as priority areas as Council officers do not believe that any unreinforced masonry buildings are located in those areas. It is anticipated that any areas that the public believe have been incorrectly assessed or overlooked will be identified through the consultation process.

·         No priority buildings have been identified at this stage. Once the priority areas have been confirmed, the priority buildings within these will be identified and building owners will be contacted at that time. Most building owners will already know whether they are likely to be affected or not.

·         Due to the 1931 Earthquake, Napier’s building stock is relatively modern and a number of buildings have already been assessed and upgraded.

·         Council officers will liaise with the Business Associations located in the identified priority areas, the local branch of Engineering NZ will engage with Historic Places and Art Deco Trust (if necessary) once the priority buildings have been identified.

·         Owners of heritage buildings may be able to apply for some dispensations under the Building Act.



Committee's recommendation

That the Regulatory Committee:

a.     Approve the release of the draft Statement of Proposal for public submissions.


Councillor Jeffery did not participate in the vote due to a declared interest




2.    Street Naming - 250 Guppy Road Taradale Napier

Type of Report:


Legal Reference:


Document ID:


Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Paul O'Shaughnessy, Team Leader Resource Consents


2.1   Purpose of Report

The purpose of this report is to obtain Councils approval for one new street name to replace a previously approved street name within the recently approved residential subdivisions at 250 Guppy Road. The street in question has already been subject to a previous street name approval by Council (Chue Court), however a mistake by the developer has led to a request for a re-naming to Gee Place.


At the Meeting

Councillors agreed that Gee Place was an appropriate name for the street.

Committee's recommendation

That the Regulatory Committee:

a.     Approve one new street name at 250 Guppy Road as follows:

·      Gee Place-250 Guppy Road


b.     That a DECISION OF COUNCIL is required urgently as Council have recently issued Section 224 certification for the subdivision at 250 Guppy Road and the developers require certainty for the purposes of marketing, physical street naming and property addressing.



Council Resolution

Councillors Brosnan / Hague

That Council:

a.     Approve one new street name at 250 Guppy Road as follows:

·      Gee Place-250 Guppy Road




The meeting closed at 3.11pm.  




Approved and adopted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.



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