Māori Committee

Open Minutes


Meeting Date:

Friday 13 March 2020


9.14am-9.36am – Mihi Whakatau



Small Exhibition Hall

Napier Conference Centre

Napier War Memorial Centre

Marine Parade




Mayor Kirsten Wise (in the Chair)

Te Taiwhenua o Te Whanganui-a-Orotū – Hori Reti

Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust – James Lyver

Ngāti Pārau Hapū Trust – Chad Tareha

Maraenui & Districts Māori Committee – Adrienne Taputoro

In Attendance

Director Community Services, Senior Māori Advisor, Team Leader Governance [until 10.23am]


Governance Team


Māori Committee - 13 March 2020 - Open Minutes


Mihi Whakatau

The Mihi Whakatau was led by the Senior Māori Advisor.


Hori Reti opened proceedings with karakia.


It was noted that Pukemokimoki Marae Trust representative Tiwana Aranui was not present due to a hui.

Declarations of Appointed Members

Hori Reti, James Lyver, Chad Tareha and Adrienne Taputoro each made their oral and written declarations in the presence of the Mayor and other attendees.

The meeting adjourned at 9.36am in order for a light morning tea to be shared by committee members, elected members and senior leadership in attendance.





The first business of the committee resumed at 10.11am, with the Mayor agreeing to Chair the committee until such time as the members are ready to appoint their new Chair.


1.    Induction documents – including Committee handbook, agenda circulation arrangements, date of April meeting, swipe cards, photograph for ID cards and group image

      The Team Leader Governance introduced key staff and spoke to the induction documents, noting that a Handbook is currently being finalised by staff and will be circulated to members once this is complete. This document provides an overview of the role of committee members and other information that staff considered would be helpful to members.

      Swipe cards were provided to members, providing access to the 2nd floor of the Cape View building (weekdays 8am-5pm) for the purpose of meeting with the Mayor and Chief Executive, as well as access to the Ikatere Meeting room where the Māori Committee meetings will be held in future. It was noted that the photographs taken by the Council photographer earlier in the day were taken for the purpose of Council identification cards which will be produced and provided to members at the next meeting. A group image will be arranged for the next meeting that all members are expected to be present.

      Members agreed that they were happy to receive agendas via email for the time being and were advised that further opportunities in the technology space were being explored to assist with communication and document sharing moving forward.

      It was noted that the format for this committee has changed somewhat from the previous structure. Meetings will now be held monthly, with reports requiring input from the committee being brought to the committee prior to being taken to standing committees or full council meetings.

      Members were advised that a number of carparks alongside the old civic building would be made available for committee member to use during meetings.

      The Team Leader Governance left the meeting at 10.23am.

      The Mayor advised that she wanted to involve the committee in the conversation as early as possible and would like to see the committee evolve over the term. The Mayor did not want to dictate how the committee should work and noted that she hoped this would be an ongoing conversation over the next 2.5 years.

      It was noted that ‘consultative’ had been removed from the committee name as officers did not believe the word recognised the true intention of this committee, that being for the committee to work in partnership with Council. The Mayor confirmed that should the committee wish to rename the committee to something more meaningful in future then she would be open to this discussion.

2.    Arrangements and recommendation for appointment of Committee Chair

      The Mayor reiterated that she was happy to Chair the meeting until such time as the committee members appointed the new Chair of the Committee, and noted her preference for the committee to decide how that appointment should be made.


During a round table discussion, the following points were raised by committee members:

·         A number noted they were still unsure whether they were the appropriate person to be on the committee and will wait to review the handbook for further detail around the role of committee members – should each representative be from the operational or governing body of each?

·         Members recognised that Napier City Council has been consistent in their korero around building relationships with Māori.

·         Chad and Adrienne noted that they would tautoko the other members in relation to the appointment of the new Chair.

·         The Māori Committee is not currently a decision making committee; however, the Mayor noted that she is committed to working towards this, whether through this committee or another scenario and is happy to discuss this over the coming months.

·         Committee members thanked the Mayor for taking on the Māori portfolio, and acknowledged the statement that this makes to Māori.

      The initial discussion did not result in any nominations. The Mayor confirmed that she would remain in the role for the time being as the appointment did not need to happen at this meeting.

      Committee members were asked to continue the discussion outside of the meeting and discuss the appointment at the one-on-one appointments with the Mayor set up between now and the next meeting, and come together at the next meeting to discuss further. It was further clarified that once the handbook is completed, the role of the committee members and Chair should become clearer.

3.    Terms of Reference and Job Description familiarisation

      The Mayor confirmed that these are very high level at this time and that she would be happy to discuss these further moving forward.

      Members questioned the use of the terms hākui hākoro. It was noted by a number of the committee members that one of the criteria for these positions should be that the committee are aware of their whakapapa as this is extremely important for a role of this nature. The hākui hākoro are for the whole of Council and this should be made very clear in the terms of reference for this position.

      It was noted that it would be appropriate for Committee members to become an extension of the hākui hākoro roles, in the way in which they interact with and support Council.

4.    Brief update from each Māori entity

Ngāti Pārau Hapū Trust – Chad Tareha

·        This week marked 18 years that Waiohiki has been without a wharenui. They expect to find out in April whether they are eligible for funding through the Oranga Marae fund.

·        Six whanau members have recently completed the Growsafe course. Sitewise applications are currently underway in order to gain work through Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

·        Funding from Council has provided a new trailer and life jackets, allowing for work around water safety for our tamariki to continue.

·        Currently in negotiations with the MTG, Australian museum, whanau etc. in relation to the return of hei-tiki from an Australian museum.

Maraenui & Districts Māori Committee – Adrienne Taputoro

·        Main concern at present is alcohol.

·        The committee supports Napier Pilot City Trust in helping to make Napier a child friendly city, through Council and other agencies.  

·        Māori wardens are actively patrolling due to a recent spike in vandalism and break-ins. It is hoped that the Māori warden base can be utilised at night and they are currently waiting on approval for this.

·        Youth at risk kaupapa. Their second workshop is coming up. They did not feel that the age group of 16-19 was appropriate, so this has been extended to 25, including the wider whanau – it is no good helping youth if whanau are left behind.

Te Taiwhenua o Te Whanganui-a-Orotū – Hori Reti

·         The Board tour with Pat Parsons around Te Whanganui-a-Orotū took place this week. The bus was packed full and it was a successful day.

·         The Taiwhenua are actively engaged in the MSD contract.

·         The General Manager has been working alongside Council in relation to Resource Management Act issues. It is encouraging to see that everyone is wanting to work together in this space.

Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust (MTT) – James Lyver

·         Tangoio Marae development – moving forward they are standing and protecting the marae location by looking after the stockbank.

·         Recruitment of staff. They have been recruiting for some time and James noted the importance of getting the right people.

·         Business as usual for MTT means five strategic priorities, those being:

o   Our people, kaumatua and rangitahi

o   Our culture and reo

o   Economy

o   Environment

o   Organisation

Whakamutunga Karakia  

The Senior Māori Advisor asked Hori Reti to close the meeting with a karakia.

The meeting closed at 11.56am.


Approved and adopted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.


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