Extraordinary Meeting of Council

Open Minutes


Meeting Date:

Thursday 14 May 2020


10.05am – 11.29am


Zoom livestreamed to Council's Facebook page




Mayor Wise, Deputy Mayor Brosnan, Councillors Boag, Browne, Chrystal, Crown, Mawson, McGrath, Price, Simpson, Tapine, Taylor, Wright

In Attendance

Interim Chief Executive, Director Corporate Services, Director Community Services, Director Infrastructure Services, Director City Strategy, Manager Communications and Marketing

Investment and Funding Manager

Manager Business Transformation and Excellence

Manager Community Strategies 

Senior Policy Planner

Economic Development Manager [from 10.50am]



Governance Team


Extraordinary Meeting of Council - 14 May 2020 - Open Minutes




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Announcements by the Mayor

The country has now moved into Alert Level 2, and this has some fantastic implications for retail and business owners; we must all continue to stay safe and maintain the government guidelines for hygiene, health and distancing to ensure we continue to move in the right direction in relation to COVID-19.


A new Business Response Fund is to be launched from 18 May 2020, to which applications can be made by businesses who are rebuilding and planning their recovery. Criteria for the Fund and applications are available on Council’s website and will be circulated via social media.

Announcements by the management

The Manager Community Strategies advised that 10 applications to Council’s Rapid Response Fund were received in its first week.  Just under half of the funding has now been allocated, with grants ranging in size from $200 to $6,900 so far. The funding will help reimburse extra IT equipment required to support on the ground work during the emergency response, personal protective equipment (PPE), and supporting extra volunteers. The Fund will remain open for two more weeks, and applications are encouraged from groups who were involved in the COVID-19 emergency response and incurred extra costs because of the unusual work in this time.

Minor matters





Extraordinary Meeting of Council - 14 May 2020 - Open Minutes

Agenda Items


1.    Napier Recovery Budget

Type of Report:


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Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Richard Munneke, Director City Strategy


1.1   Purpose of Report

To request endorsement of the approach funding and the terms of reference for the Napier City Council recovery effort.


At the Meeting

The Director City Strategy spoke to the report, noting that the principles of recovery are applicable nationally, and have been central to the team as the recovery planning for Napier has been initiated.

The wellbeing of the community as a whole is important, and everybody has a part to play. Council has been working closely with other agencies, and the development of the “Make a Plan” and “Team Napier” campaigns are intended to highlight individual and business responsibility to all work together alongside Council and agencies to look after and build our community.

An evidence based approach is being taken to ensure that planning and prioritisation are directed to the appropriate areas of need, and are flexible enough to allow for change as these shift.

The funding allocated in the revised Annual Plan is intended to provide for short and medium term actions; recovery will also be built into the long term planning process, and over time this process will be fully integrated into ‘business as usual’.

The Senior Policy Planner spoke to a presentation on the recovery planning that is underway (please see Appendix One). The intention is to be future focussed, not purely reactive, and indicators of progress will be set and monitored to follow our recovery and growth as a community. A number of specific issues of current focus were touched on, as well as ways that shifts such increased walking and cycling can be supported to continue.

The plan is for the community, and must respond to its needs. Central to the plan is how Council can work with Mana Whenua entities to ensure that tikanga and cultural wellbeing is deeply embedded into the actions and areas of focus. The plan and its areas of focus at any given time may shift, to make sure Council can be responsive and prioritise the highest needs at any given time.

In response to questions from Councillors it was clarified that:

·       Under Emergency Management legislation there is a recovery process which is legislated, and responsibility sits with the Recovery Manager to lead this; the legislation recognises that a certain level of agility is needed in certain circumstances. It was noted that existing delegations to management also allow for many actions to take place appropriately.

·       A coordinated approach across the Council is required to ensure that core business is not being negatively impacted by the recovery process. The extra funding provided for through the upcoming Annual Plan is required to help advance towards our recovery goals. There will also be some cross-over between recovery, core business and future works already planned, so integration will be created as much as possible.

·       Feedback from the community on the recovery process will not come via a formal consultation process, as swift movement will be important for some actions. However, the community can engage in the upcoming Annual Plan consultation, there will be smaller surveys run, and Council are working with local commercial groups for instant feedback from the business sector. The public can also contact the Recovery Team via recovery@napier.govt.nz

·       The state of emergency was lifted yesterday and the nation is now in a transition period for the next 90 days. The Incident Management Team is still activated but only at a low level to maintain some welfare as required.

·       It is anticipated that the activities of the Recovery Steering Group will be fully “blended” into ‘business as usual’ within 12 months.

·       Good local information will be sought to monitor recovery for Napier in particular, noting that we have unique qualities even within our own region. Wider data will also be sought so that useful comparisons with other similar cities across the country can be made.

·       It is difficult to fully predict at this point which businesses will be most impacted and how.



Officer’s Recommendation

That Council:

a.     Approve the funding of the recovery process for 20/21; and

b.     Endorse the recovery approach, Terms of Reference, and integration with the Long Term Plan direction setting.



Substitute Motion


Council Resolution

Councillors Boag / Crown

That Council:

a.     Approve the funding of the recovery process for 20/21; and

b.     Endorse the recovery approach, Terms of Reference, and integration with the Long Term Plan direction setting.

c.     Receive regular reports on the Steering Group’s activities and plans and have input into these where appropriate.



The meeting closed at 11.29am



Approved and adopted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.



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