Māori Committee

Open Minutes


Meeting Date:

Friday 9 October 2020


9.00am – 10.55am


Ikatere Meeting Room

Cape View House
265 Marine Parade




Ngāti Pārau Hapū Trust – Chad Tareha (In the Chair)

Mayor Kirsten Wise

Maraenui & Districts Māori Committee – Adrienne Taputoro

In Attendance

Director Community Services, Senior Māori Advisor, Interim Chief Executive, Councillor Tapine, Strategic Māori Advisor


Governance Team


Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust – James Lyver

Pukemokimoki Marae

Mana Ahuriri Trust

Te Taiwhenua o Te Whanganui-a-Orotū


Māori Committee - 09 October 2020 - Open Minutes


Chad Tareha


The Committee accepted the apology from the Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust representative, James Lyver.

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C Tareha / Mayor Wise

That the Minutes of the meeting held on 11 September 2020 were taken as a true and accurate record of the meeting.


Kua Mana



Māori Committee - 09 October 2020 - Open Minutes

Agenda Items


1.    Implementation of Dual Place-names and Bilingual Signage in Council Parks, Reserves and Facilities

Type of Report:

Operational and Procedural

Legal Reference:

Māori Language Act 2016

Document ID:


Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Charles Ropitini, Strategic Māori Advisor


1.1   Purpose of Report

The purpose of this report is to update the Māori Committee of te reo Māori touchpoints implemented across Napier City Council reserves and facilities in the 2017-2019 Triennium.


The report provides an overview of dual place-names in public parks and reserves, and bilingual signage applied to Council facilities.  The report recommends the formal adoption of the national Māori-English Bilingual Signage Guidelines.


The report supports the need for the Māori Committee to consider a Te Reo Māori Policy for Napier City Council as a framework for continued implementation of bilingualism across Council projects and documents.


At the Meeting

The Strategic Māori Advisor spoke to the report giving a short background of what bi-lingual achievements have been made to date, noting the context within which the te reo strategy, recently adopted by Council, was developed.

It was noted:

·         McLean Park was the first fully bilingual Council venue. The process involved not just ensuring te reo was properly integrated at the venue, but also simplifying the English which had benefits for other readers.

·         The learnings from McLean Park were then applied to Council’s Waste Management Project and the Customer Service Centre, and the Council website has been translated.

·         At the request of the Māori Committee dual place names and bilingual signage in Council parks, reserves and facilities has been implemented using the national Māori-English Bilingual Signage Guidelines. The te reo place-names are not translations, but rather the actual Māori place names.

·         It is intended that Council work with mana whenua to help tell the stories related to the place names in a way that recognises and upholds cultural intellectual property.

·         A further next step is the use of nationally agreed terms for zero waste programmes and libraries, to ensure consistency in what people see as they travel through the country.

In response to questions it was clarified:

·         A time frame has not been agreed with mana whenua around the cultural stories as yet. An agreed process needs to be developed about how stories would be presented.

·         Stories will also be integrated into the region’s Council cultural app (Te Kupenga), which is due to be launched in a fortnight at the Local Regional Leaders Mayor’s, Chairs and Chief Executives meeting.

·         The cultural app is intended to boost understanding of, and engagement with, Te Matau-a-Māui knowledge, stories, and language. It will be similar to the Waikato Council’s one, Kawe Kōrero.

Māori Committee's recommendation

The Māori Committee:

a.     Endorse the report as a consolidation of bilingual signage and dual place-names applied to Council projects over the 2017-2019 Triennium.

b.     Approve the Principal Māori Advisor to engage mana whenua to capture stories relating to Māori place-names reinstated to parks and reserves, with an agreed level of cultural intellectual property made available to the public domain.

c.     Approve the adoption of the national ‘Māori-English Bilingual Signage – A Guide For Best Practice’ as the guide for bilingual signage and dual place-names.

d.     Approve the use of national te reo Māori lexicons for Libraries and Para Kore Zero Waste, with a process developed for accepting national lexicons for future bilingual projects.


Kua Mana


















2.    Māori Committee Representation Extension

Type of Report:


Legal Reference:


Document ID:


Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Antoinette Campbell, Director Community Services


2.1   Purpose of Report

The purpose of this report is to approve to amend the Māori Committee draft Terms of Reference to provide for the inclusion of an additional three representatives from the Ahuriri Māori community.


At the Meeting

The Director Community Services spoke to the report noting that:

·         Expressions of interest will be sought to increase Māori Committee membership, in order to satisfy quorum needs and to build a diversity of skills within the Committee.

·         Applicants will not need to be entity based.

·         There is an intention for rangatahi to be encouraged to become involved, however it is not essential at this point in time.

·         The Māori Committee will be integrated into the Council meeting schedule in 2021.

In response to questions from the Committee it was clarified that:

·         Advertising will take place soon so that the new members can start in the new year. This will include shoulder tapping possible candidates as well.

·         This model has been used in other Councils and has been found to build the mana of the Committee and strengthen community relationships.

Māori Committee's recommendation

The Māori Committee:

a.     Approve the amended Māori Committee draft Terms of Reference to provide for three additional community representatives from the Ahuriri Māori community.


Kua Mana










Ngāti Pārau Hapū Trust – Chad Tareha

1.    Had a good hui at the Marae last week. Te Wai Mauri Environmental Trust have been interviewing whanau for their kaitiaki courses at EIT. These cover things like Grow Safe certificates, machine operation qualifications and te reo.

2.    They also had a productive hui with the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

3.    Six Wheels and Rollers courses have been held at the Marae now. The courses have a 90% success rate, where the students go onto some employment. These are six week courses which are for whanau on the job seekers benefit.

Maraenui and Districts Māori Committee – Adrienne Taputoro

1.    There have been a lot of ups and downs in the Maraenui community.

2.    The Committee is predominantly made up of one whanau who are experiencing challenging times. Council has been teaming up with the Committee to encourage positive forward movement.

3.    Youth are being encouraged to go to Te Aratika Academy if they are wanting to learn, or to go to LIFT if they are wanting work.

4.    There normally would be a holiday programme running through the holidays, but this has not happened these holidays. It is hoped one can be organised for the Christmas holidays.

5.    A community concert is being organised as well as a community Halloween event.

6.    There is a Hunting and Diving course offered on the East Coast that the Committee are hoping to send six youths too.

7.    Had a hui with K3 Kahungunu Property. It has been agreed that Maraenui is a community needing support with housing. Houses could be built using a Habitat for Humanity format where a house is brought in and renovated on a spare piece of land and then moved to a section once complete.

Napier City Council – Mayor Kirsten Wise

1.    Voting has begun for the penguin of the year.

2.    The recruitment agency has been selected for the Chief Executive recruitment. Applications open on Monday and it is expected there will be a strong response. The new CE will be starting in the new year.

3.    The Council had its first employee information evening in conjunction with the Ministry for Social Development and Te Taiwhenua. It was a good event, connecting employers with possible employees and had positive outcomes.

4.    Council have sponsored some Māori Movement wānanga, which have had positive feedback.

5.    Council is working on the LTP currently. Community consultation will begin in the first quarter of 2021.

6.    There is a whanau fun evening being held in Maraenui tonight. This is to give the community more information about the Maraenui community centre project.

7.    The first tranche of funding has been received in Hawkes Bay for Māori trade training and apprenticeships.

Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust

No update due to an apology from James Lyver.


Updates from Council Māori Advisors

Mōrehu Te Tomo – Senior Māori Advisor

1.    The Māori managers from the region’s Councils, Te Kupenga, have been meeting every Tuesday through Zoom. This group was strengthened during the COVID response. Their recent conversations have been about water and the Council cultural app.

2.    The Council’s te reo policy is being worked on.

3.    A cultural survey for Council staff is being developed.

4.    Flags prepared for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori can be seen throughout Hawke’s Bay with ten kīwaha.

5.    A te reo version of Citizenship oaths and affirmations is being developed. Looking at an option to host some at Pukemokimoki Marae.

6.    Developing a Māori recovery data dashboard to track statistics following the COVID response.

7.    Looking at the potential for Treaty of Waitangi training in 2021.

Charles Ropitini – Principal Māori Advisor

1.    Dame Georgina Kingi DNZM QSO has been awarded an honorary Doctorate.

2.    The Waiata Māori Music Awards are being streamed through Facebook. Daryl Lee Thompson from Maraenui is being recognised with a Lifetime Contribution to Music award.

3.    The boarding facilities at Hukurere Girls’ College and St Joseph’s Māori Girls’ College are being upgraded.

4.    Work is being done with the water team for engagement conversations with the community.

5.    Developing Māori activity management plan as part of LTP with Mōrehu.

6.    A full Māori programme for the Art Deco Festival in 2021 is being developed with the Art Deco Trust. This will include a Māori Arts Market in the Sunken Gardens.

7.    Work is being done to build a relationship between Hawke’s Bay Tourism, Hawke’s Bay Māori Tourism and Ngāti Kahugnunu Inc in order to strengthen annual events.

8.    Cultural competency plans are being developed with Council Infrastructure and City Strategy Directorates.




Charles and the Committee acknowledged Devorah Nícuarta-Smith’s (Team Leader Governance) resignation. They gave thanks for her contribution to the Māori Committee and to help to improve Council engagement with Māori in the community.



Whakamutunga Karakia

 Chad Tareha








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