Napier People and Places Committee

Open Minutes


Meeting Date:

Thursday 4 February 2021


10.00am – 10.46am


Council Chambers
Hawke's Bay Regional Council
159 Dalton Street




Mayor Wise, Councillor Boag (In the Chair), Deputy Mayor Brosnan, Councillors Browne, Chrystal, Crown, Mawson, McGrath, Price, Simpson, Tapine, Taylor and Wright

In Attendance

Interim Chief Executive (Keith Marshall),

Acting Director Corporate Services (Toni Goodlass)

Director Community Services (Antoinette Campbell)

Manager Communications and Marketing (Craig Ogborn)

Māori Partnership Manager (Charles Ropitini)


Governance Advisor (Anna Eady)


Napier People and Places Committee - 04 February 2021 - Open Minutes



The Elected Members opened the meeting with a karakia.


Council resolution

Councillors Brown/Mawson

That the apologies from Deputy Mayor Brosnan, and Councillors Chrystal and Wright be accepted.

Conflicts of interest


Public forum


Announcements by the Mayor

The Mayor welcomed the Elected Members back to Council after the Christmas break. 2020 was a busy year and 2021 will also be a busy year with the Long Term Plan and several reviews which require public consultation scheduled throughout the year. The new Chief Executive will be beginning at Council on the 9th of February and the Mayor extended her thanks to the Interim Chief Executive for holding the fort through some difficult challenges.

Announcements by the Chairperson


Announcements by Management

The Interim Chief Executive has withdrawn the Public Excluded item as it was confirmation of minutes which can be dealt with at a later meeting. 

Confirmation of minutes

Councillors Mawson / Wright

That the Minutes of the meeting held on 5 November 2020 were taken as a true and accurate record of the meeting.





Napier People and Places Committee - 04 February 2021 - Open Minutes

Agenda Items


1.    Implementation of Dual Place-names and Bilingual Signage in Council Parks, Reserves and Facilities

Type of Report:

Operational and Procedural

Legal Reference:

Māori Language Act 2016

Document ID:


Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Charles Ropitini, Strategic Maori Advisor


11.1 Purpose of Report

The purpose of this report is to update Council of te reo Māori touchpoints implemented across Napier City Council reserves and facilities in the 2017-2019 Triennium.


The report provides an overview of dual place-names in public parks and reserves, and bilingual signage applied to Council facilities. The report recommends the formal adoption of the national Māori-English Bilingual Signage Guidelines.


The report supports the need for Council to consider a Te Reo Māori Policy for Napier City Council as a framework for continued implementation of bilingualism across Council projects and documents.


Deputy Mayor Brosnan and Councillors Chrystal and Wright left the meeting at 10.15am


At the Meeting

The council officer spoke to the report noting:

·        This project is in line with article two of the Treaty of Waitangi.

·        The development of a council Te Reo Māori Policy is being led by the Acting Pou Whakarae. This policy will direct how engagement with mana whenua should occur in order to implement dual place-names, and also how to incorporate words from local dialects which are not included in the national te reo Māori lexicons.

·        Council officers have not yet discussed how to tell the stories of the place-names in Ahuriri-Napier with the Māori Committee, but that is a next step.

·        There was no negative feedback from the community to recent council projects which included written te reo Māori.

·        Once officers have a complete list of dual place-names they will consult with mana whenua. This will take an as yet undetermined length of time.

·        The project will be adequately resourced.

·        Education with external developers about the use of te reo Māori in street names, and how to engage with mana whenua to establish what names are appropriate, is being considered.

Committee's recommendation

The Napier People and Places Committee:

a.     Endorse the report as a consolidation of bilingual signage and dual place-names applied to Council projects over the 2017-2019 Triennium.

b.     Approve the Principal Māori Advisor to engage mana whenua to capture stories relating to Māori place-names reinstated to parks and reserves, with an agreed level of cultural intellectual property made available to the public domain.

c.     Approve the adoption of the national ‘Māori-English Bilingual Signage – A Guide For Best Practice’ as the guide for bilingual signage and dual place-names.

d.     Approve the use of national te reo Māori lexicons for Libraries and Para Kore Zero Waste, with a process developed for accepting national lexicons for future bilingual projects.




































Māori Ward Legislation Changes 

Councillor Crown and Councillor Tapine felt with the impending changes in legislation around the implementation of Māori wards it was a good time to signal to council officers that the elected members will need information about how Napier might approach this issue, and also what mana whenua’s stance is, so they can give it careful consideration.

Internal Review of Flood Response

Councillor Crown would like to know if there is an update in regards to an internal review of Napier City Council’s emergency flood response.

The Interim CE confirmed a terms of reference for an independent review of the Hawke's Bay CDEM Group response framework, using the COVID-19 and Napier Flood response as examples, was being developed by the Hawke's Bay Territorial Authority CEOs.


The meeting closed with a Karakia at 10.46am



Approved and adopted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.



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