Audit and Risk Committee

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Friday 26 March 2021




Council Chamber
Hawke's Bay Regional Council
159 Dalton Street


Agenda items

In accordance with section 46A(7)(b)(i) the item was not on the agenda due to technical difficulties and was omitted from the Agenda and has now been produced and included as a “Late Item”.”


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Audit and Risk Committee - 26 March 2021 - Open Supplementary Agenda                                                                                             Item 1

Agenda Items


1.    Health and Safety  Report

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Sue Matkin, Manager People & Capability


1.1   Purpose of Report

The purpose of this paper is to provide the Audit & Risk Committee with an overview of Health & Safety activity for the period 1 October to 31 December 2020.


Officer’s Recommendation

a.     The Audit and Risk Committee:

b.     Receive the Health and Safety report for the period 1 October to 31 December 2020


1.2   Background Summary

        Below provides analysis of health and safety activity for the quarter ended 31 December 2020.



1.3   Leading Indicators

  Compliance Training

  147 staff completed the following Health and Safety training during the quarter ending 31 December 2020.


Compliance Courses


First Aid


Confined Space


Working at Heights


Heights Refresher


Fire Extinguisher


Elevated Work Platform


Aggressive Customer training


Traffic Controller


Site Safe Civil


Fall Arrest


Total Staff Trained



     Other training during the quarter included:

·      Health and Safety Inductions for all new employees

·      Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)

·      Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) extreme risk

·      Contractor Management

·      Behaviour Observations

·      MySafety

·      Risk Awareness


1.4 Six Weekly Health and Safety Committee Meetings

During the quarter there were eight Health and Safety Committee meetings held.

Investigation findings relating to three incidents were shared:

i)  Mule Rollover

·      A worker at the cemetery was driving a mule along a pathway that is commonly used by all workers

·      The wheel veered off the pathway causing the mule to tip into the culvert

·      Worker was taken to GP to check out, he was all ok

·      There were no mechanical faults with the mule

·      Based on the findings, it was operator error by taking the bend too wide

·      Pathway was identified as a new hazard



·      Blocked off the pathway with bollard, alternative route to be used

·      Update the Safe Work Method Statement and retrain staff

·      Isolation procedures to be trained out for notifiable events (as this was notifiable to WorkSafe)  -  no further action by WorkSafe


        ii)  Superior Exterior (Contractor) Foot crushing against truck

·      Advised that potential crush injury of Superior Exterior worker

·      Contractor advised WorkSafe immediately, secured the site (Excellent work)

·      Emergency works due to high winds forecast, contractor doing work before the winds due the following day and the tree was a high risk tree that could fall over in the strong winds

·      Workers removing large tree

·      Operator stood on the truck to strop down the logs

·      The log rolled and the operators foot was caught between the log and the truck sides

·      Ambulance called and worker taken to hospital

·      The worker ended up with bruising, not crush injury

·      WorkSafe took no further action

·      The site was safe at all times, the contractor had excellent paperwork and processes in place



·      There were no recommendations due the excellence displayed by the contractors.


  iii)  Transfer Station – Member of Public injured in the Recycling Zone

·      Customer recycling plastics at Redclyffe Transfer station, standing on the recycling trays.  As he stepped to the other section the steel floor fell of it’s mounting, which was the step

·      Customer fell between the deck to the concrete grazing his knees as fell on the metal grids, receiving grazes and cuts

·      Customer could not walk for around three minutes

·      Other customers helped him up

·      Contributing Factors

–    Waste Management recycling bins and wooden steps not configure or appropriate for safe use

–    No hazard identified at any stage around the safe operating of the waste management bins and steps

–    Wear and tear of the stairs making them unsafe was unreported

–    Waste Management drivers not used to not having the guides for the bins alignment i.e. bins do not line up with the stairs correctly


·      Investigation Findings

–    Lack of evidence that staff are aware of how to, or why they should, notify any hazards identified and controls required to either eliminate or isolate hazards

–    Lack of communication within the transfer station team and contractors on site.

·      Corrective Actions

–    Area closed to the public until recycling area made safe

–    Fix guide and steps to concrete (bolted into the concrete and steps so no movement can take place and guides for the green recycling bin in place

–    Repair damaged steps

–    Requested Safe operating procedure from Waste Management re glides when dropping of recycling bins

–    Area was reopened to within a week


1.5   Audits and Inspections

  Contractor audits completed during the quarter:

·      MTG

·      BAT                                      

·      2x Fires at the transfer station

·      Loader not fit for purpose at transfer station

·      New layout for recycling at transfer station

·      Gas leak and evacuation at MTG

·      Fulton Hogan, Parklands

·      HBRU – Park Island

·      Gypsy Fair at Anderson Park

·      Dinosaur Event on Marine Parade

·      KC Electrical

·      Home and Garden Show

·      KP Rose Gardens

·      Drainage 2x

·      Water Works

·      Russell Roads, Tirinui 2x

·      Russell Roads, Marine Parade 2x

·      Dodge Contracting, Bluff Hill

·      Interflow – Outfall

·      Pollett Furniture

·      Network Tech

·      Falcon Electrical

·      Chubb - MTG



1.6  Health & Safety Performance Indicators

Incident Reporting

Reported Incidents

Total for Quarter

Lost time injuries (LTIs):


Medically treated injuries (MTIs):


Incidents for Employees


Near miss/hit & property damage reporting


Incidents Involving Public using our facilities


Incidents  involving Contractors


        During the quarter ended 31 December, there were:

·      29 reported events involving employees across all areas of Council

  Below are the mechanism of harm criteria graph

1.7  Health and Wellbeing

      Health Monitoring

Worker health monitoring is undertaken by Loop Health & Safety.  Workers are monitored depending on the work they carry out.  Monitoring includes hearing, lung function, blood pressure, trace metals.


The health monitoring completed during to the quarter to 31 December 2020 included

·    7 pre-employment health monitoring

·    81 Annual health monitoring
Three workers were referred to audiologist


1.8   Wellbeing

Focus on wellbeing is supported by the development of a Wellbeing calendar developed for the calendar year January to December 2021.   Events are designed to raise awareness and encourage participation.  Events are planned for each month and include:

·      Focus on Alcohol – risk awareness

·      Workplace stress and resilience workshop

·      How to avoid burnout workshop

·      Measles and flu vaccinations

·      Managing across generations workshop

·      World Smoke free Day

·      Men’s Health month

·      Workplace support for mental wellbeing and mental health awareness week

·      Women’s health month



1.3   Attachments