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Thursday 14 May 2020




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Mayor Wise, Deputy Mayor Brosnan, Councillors Boag, Browne, Chrystal, Crown, Mawson, McGrath, Price, Simpson, Tapine, Taylor, Wright

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Interim Chief Executive


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Thursday 4 June 2020



Extraordinary Meeting of Council - 14 May 2020 - Open Agenda




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1      Napier Recovery Budget................................................................................................. 3    



Extraordinary Meeting of Council - 14 May 2020 - Open Agenda                                                                                                                               Item 1

Agenda Items


1.    Napier Recovery Budget

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Reporting Officer/s & Unit:

Richard Munneke, Director City Strategy


1.1   Purpose of Report

To request endorsement of the approach funding and the terms of reference for the Napier City Council recovery effort.


Officer’s Recommendation

That Council:

a.     Approve the funding of the recovery process for 20/21; and

b.     Endorse the recovery approach, Terms of Reference, and integration with the Long Term Plan direction setting.



1.2   Background Summary

Since the Government declared a National Emergency in relation to the Covid-19 epidemic, Council, under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 (CDEM 2002) has provided a response at the local Napier level through the incident management response team. Concurrently Council has been trying to understand what needs to happen post the response for Napier’s recovery from the emergency within the regional and national context.

Accordingly, a recovery team has been instigated to work alongside the incident response, to:

·     learn from the intelligence that has been gathered,

·     develop that information into possible scenarios for a post Covid Napier,

·     begin the process of helping our community recover, and

·     seize opportunities to improve our communities overall wellbeing, whether that be supporting our banged up hospitality sector; capitalising on the  goodwill shown by the community during lockdown; helping our local developers invest in Napier to create jobs; or thinking about new and more sustainable ways for our community to connect, recreate live, work, shop and do business.

The Recovery is mandated by the CDEM 2002 and the objectives and principles are nicely encapsulated in the excerpt from the Guide to the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan 2015, attached.

Key are:

·      Regeneration and enhancement of the social, psychological, economic, cultural, and physical wellbeing of individuals, communities and the economic built and natural environments that support wellbeing.

·      Coordinated efforts and processes to effect the short, medium, and long term holistic regeneration and enhancement of our community.

·      Flexible and scalable in accordance with meeting the needs of the community.

        The terms of reference for the recovery team are attached.

1.3   Issues

While the recovery is clearly geared at the Napier communities recovery it needs to be resourced and funded through the Council which in turn has impacts on the business planning of Council.

The current thinking is that there are six goals that the recovery would like to focus on.  These are:

·     We have access to clean drinking water, food and housing

·     We are healthy and active

·     Our economy is resilient and innovative

·     Our city centre and local shops are vibrant and sustainable

·     Our community is safe, connected and resilient

·     Revival of our city respects our cultural heritage and environment

In order to achieve these goals, short, medium and long-term projects and interventions are proposed.

The short term goals are earmarked for delivery in this financial year, therefore the funding of them needs to be allocated in the 20/21 Annual Plan. $1 million dollars has been allocated for this purpose, and to unravel and implement medium term and long term projects for consideration as part of the Long Term Plan.

This is described in the recovery framework diagram attached.

It is also envisaged that Covid–19 represents a new dawn for Napier and that the recovery will instigate lasting new ways of the council delivering services for the community. It may well be that the goals in the recovery plan are shared in the Long Term Plan and provide a catalyst for evolution of the LTP to explore the opportunities and new community needs that will become the “new normal” for Napier.

1.4   Significance and Engagement

While significant, it is also extremely important that the recovery plan implementation can be timely. The recovery planning team includes Mayor Kirsten Wise and Cr Sally Crown to help guide any recovery interventions to be relevant and timely for the community. It should be noted that the CDEM 2002 Act empowers the recovery process to act in a timely way. By clarifying that there is funding to achieve the 6 goals and that the recovery needs to be agile and responsive, it is implicit that the usual consultation practices under the LGA will be employed only if the Mayor and Cr Crown expressly request that this is appropriate.

1.5   Implications


Impacts the Annual Plan 2020/21 as described above.

Social & Policy





1.6   Attachments

a     Guide to the National CDEM Plan – Section 32

b     Napier City Recovery Plan Steering Group – TOR

c     Recovery and Renewal Plan summary approach

d     Integrating the Recovery effort into the LTP   

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